Jaykae touches on 'Heartache' in latest visuals

After a massive surge of promo from his achingly passionate and raw track, "Toothache", being a staple moment in US TV series Power, the self-acclaimed "King of Brum" has seemed to be on the up and up. "Headache" was next to pop gaining a current total of 1.3m views, however the latest we hear from Jaykae, comes in the form of visuals for "Heartache".

Like "Toothache", this new release delivers raw, honest, heartfelt bars and even a similar intro of soft choir-like hums. Sticking to the aesthetic of the previous two ''-ache' videos, we are shown dark settings, serious natures, and shots as humble and blunt as the lyrics.

On a chilling Swifta Beater & Thomas Mellor collaborative production, Jaykae spits, "Don't say shhh like Headie One's track, go tell them Jaykae ready, I'm back. Yh it's been a minute". Looking forward to seeing what the Birmingham artist has in store.

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