Premiere: Tubz gets creative on dark, ambient zoner 'Dust'

For some time now, Chameleon Audio have been a label associated with finding the next big names in instrumental grime. The collective, led by MoJoe and based in Walsall, turn away from grime’s geographical strongholds, and look further afield to uncover talent – such as Beat Boss 7’s qualifier Jakebob; located in Leominster, a market town in Herefordshire. Liverpool’s Tubz is next up for a Chameleon EP, and it’s another sheller.

Founder of M62 Records, Tubz has seen success with his sound over the past few years, celebrating the label's third birthday only two days ago. The abrasive nature of his music brings comparisons to the greats in deconstructed sound: Last Japan, Impey, and Wen. Whether it’s a uniquely distorted gunshot or water dripping, Tubz is a master in finding obscure sounds to add depth to each production; combining this with a great use of space and silence to create these broken, dark zoners.

"Dust", premiered below, comes from the new ya get me? EP, and showcases Tubz’ ability to create both ambience and chaos at the same time. The track starts with gloomy synths piercing through nothingness. An intelligent drum pattern brings about dystopian regimented shots into space. The sound of tyres screeching and distant guns replace more common eski clicks and plucks, serving up a contrast to typical grime productions.

This weapon is guaranteed to turn heads in the dance, and along with the rest of the stunning EP will be available to buy and stream from 23 February. Find Tubz on Facebook and SoundCloud for more updates.