Premiere: XOX gear up for Valentine's Day with blissful R&G cut 'On My Mind'

Bristol's XOX first made their mark musically at the start of last year, but the duo are far from beginners. The wifey riddim production powerhouse is in fact a new side project from Sepia—an acclaimed dubstep artist—and Arthur Scholes-Furmess of Sheffield production trio W├Âlfe, best known for their UK funky output. Now with a strong rhythm and grime back catalogue under their belt, including a feature on Pearly Whites' latest compilation, they're gearing up to drop self-titled debut EP XOX – conveniently slated for a Valentine's Day release.

On the second of the project's three tracks, "On My Mind"—now available to stream exclusively below—the Isley Brothers' 2003 classic "What Would You Do?" is meticulously chopped and transformed into a blissful slice of R&G perfection, complete with giddying pitch bends and luscious guitar licks.

The XOX EP drops this Thursday, 14 February, as the first release on newly-founded imprint ESC_. Find XOX on SoundCloud for more updates.