Sware drops 'Mount Falcon' EP

Producer and Mode FM veteran Sware is a name growing ever popular over he past few years in the instrumental world. Beginning his production journey at the tender age of 13 (already more than competent on the piano and guitar) His talent was noticeable as soon as it was heard, and eventually he received the ultimate recognition for this: by winning Beat Boss 4 - the producer clash platform springboarding young beat makers into the lime light.

With one of the most distinctive sounds in grime, his distorted squarewaves have been tearing up radio sets for many years now; but his latest release 'Mount Falcon' sounds almost like a coming of age- a culmination of everything he’s achieved so far. There are layers to these tracks that add a very essential depth necessary for the music to stand on its own, not relying on mc’s.

The self titled openear kicks the EP off, with a melody sounding like an old Namco video game. At the drop we are treated to that signature Sware bass, and an underlying string coming through almost like a nod to Japanese arcade games.

This theme will continue throughout the project, but the variation on 'Freeway Riddim' is refreshing in its approach. Hard drums and funky snares give this track a completely different mood.

'Choral' comes in sounding like a boss level, incorporating choir notes with drums removed as quick as they are added, this would make for a very nice devil mix.

Rounding off the EP, 'Freeze' utilises dry snares with a bass distorted into an almost hollow, abrasive darkness that compliments the occasional laser shot into space.

This EP is a must have for anyone who enjoys the icy side of grime instrumentals, and is available to stream through Spotify and Apple Music, plus via Sware’s Bandcamp below.