Catching Flies & Trim collaborate on 'The Light'

Vintage Trim in the form of a new track. Lifted from Catching Flies forthcoming album, which is set to be released in May, Trimble does one of the styles he does best, reflective and nostaligic bars. Think 'Kanye West', that sort of vibe.

The video sees Trim age a few years. The director Greg Barns explained his idea behind the vison; "I wanted to personify that wisdom, and depict Trim as an elderly version of himself, played by an older actor. From there, the image of an ageing and lonely MC began to apparate; melancholic and gnarled, navigating the world of his youth - ghost-like in his invisibility but visually sticking out like a sore thumb, a metaphor for the immortality we feel when we're younger - and the mortality we didn’t plan for…"

'The Light' is a welcomed return to this style of music from Trim, Catching Flies knew what buttons to press. 

View the video below, stream 'The Light' on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.