Grim Sickers & Bowzer Boss breeze through on a 'Boss Mode'

Grim Sickers unites with Birmingham producer Bowzer Boss, to show why they're in 'Boss Mode' - the lead single from Sickers forthcoming mixtape, Icons Only.

Bowzer, the frequent deliverer of instrumentals for man like Jaykae, has just patterned a layer for Sickers to spray on. This beat is heavy; seems to gradually crawl along; and appears viciously dangerous but in a passive, laid back kind of way. Sickers jumps straight in with the moral of the story - "Boss Mode to my bones...". He continues with tough bars wrapped in a blunt and forceful flow.

Check the joint below. Find Grim Sickers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates; and Bowzer Boss on Twitter, and Instagram.