Macca's joined by top producers on carefully-crafted new EP 'Winners Only'

Rising to prominence at the start of the decade as a member of the prolific Midlands collective StayFresh, Wolverhampton's Macca has a well-documented track record of working with some of the most sought-after producers in grime. He's set to make a return next Friday with Winners Onlyhis first full-length project since 2012's 25 mixtape, and the credits speak for themselves: on instrumental duties are Swifta Beater, Silencer, and Teeza. We've spent a while taking in the project before its release, and can offer an exclusive glimpse of what's to come.

The ten-track-strong EP spans multiple genres, delving into silky, piano-led R&B and hip hop for the final three tracks, which feature Maddie and frequent collaborator Luke Truth (credited mononymously here simply as Luke). The lion's share of songs, however, are grime  five of which will already be familiar to Macca's most attentive supporters, as they were all released as singles over the past few years.

"We Love Grime (Remix)", an amped-up 2016 vocal of Teeza's iconic "West London" instrumental, was originally slated for release on Macca's scrapped Homework EP, but has since found a home here instead. "Make It Look Easy", an anthemic collaboration with Caspa, Don Menna, and the currently incarcerated J1, was released later the same year in video form.

Newer fans will have undoubtedly heard the three singles released last year: "Ride My Wave", "Mad", and the Silencer-produced "Playtime's Over", the latter of which was accompanied by the release of an inventive music video on JDZmedia, where animations relating to the lyrics pop up in front of the West Mids MC.

Thanks to some careful coordination from Swifta, each track seamlessly blends into the next, ensuring that the project sounds almost like a mix when played from start to finish. All-in-all, it's a triumphant return for the Wolves lyricist – refined, well-rounded, and addictive.

Find Macca on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. The Winners Only EP drops next Friday, 29 March.

Track listing:

1. "Intro" (prod. Swifta Beater)
2. "Mad" (prod. Swifta Beater)
3. "We Love Grime (Remix)" (prod. Teeza)
4. "Playtime's Over" (prod. Silencer)
5. "All Day" (prod. Swifta Beater)
6. "Ride My Wave" (prod. Swifta Beater)
7. "Make It Look Easy" feat. J1, Caspa & Don Menna (prod. Swifta Beater)
8. "Interlude" feat. Luke (prod. Swifta Beater, Luke & Macca)
9. "Tattoo Love" feat. Maddie (prod. Swifta Beater)
10. "Looking Back" feat. Luke (prod. Swifta Beater)