Narst shells 'Broly' - who had a better comeback, what Tyga?!

Narst comes and goes from the music scene like the sun does from English weather. However, there's no taking away from the fact that when he's active, he's a problem. He comes from a strong musical heritage, has been in the game from early, and as of late, has been producing quite frequent visuals for singles. This most recent track is entitled "Broly", and it's pure grime electricity.

Set over a Swifta production that sounds like it's been pumped with 1,000 volts, Narst rides it with an effortless but tenacious flow that he seems famous for. Featuring in visuals that are just as energetic, the Greengate MC stands firm whilst he spits his bars and let's the whole of the scene know that he can still duppy a quick 140bpm.

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