P Money hits us with 'Shook' - 2nd single from Money Over Everyone 3

P Money recently banged out a ferocious "No One", which propelled the announcement that he was releasing Money Over Everyone 3. As excitement settles in within the grime scene and P's core fanbase, it has been over 2 months until we've received any other content - good reasoning is assumed. He now returns with a second single and second music video from the upcoming mixtape, this track entitled "Shook".

The length of time between singles, may be a carefully planned marketing campaign aimed to source the perfect period of time between pieces of content to ultilise anticipation, expectation and gratification from supporters - or that's just an over-analysation... Either way, this track was worth the wait and surely builds the excitement for MOE3 even more. The visuals seem to position P Money and his lyrics at the frontal focus for what the viewer needs to take in. The often plain settings, with P in the middle, to a mock interview set up, make it seem that P has something important to say, and thus, attempt to get this across. Similarly to the first single, it appears P isn't worried about speaking his mind and stating the 'facts' - as he goes into why "bare man are shook".

He begins these visuals in a similar way in which he formed the last, minimalistisic, and through cold, dark colours. However around the 30 second mark we flicker out of the car back-drop, and into a new, bright colourway. A notable moment being that as the colourway changes between green, blue, and white, so does P's outfit. The well put together video goes between an interview with Logan Sama, P surrounded by his peoeples, and vibing with other artists.
From the content P Money's bringing in his lyrics, to the uniqueness of his visuals, to him being in his own lane and appearing to not care what others are doing or saying - we're definitely looking forward to seeing what Money Over Everyone 3 is made of.

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