Subten takes us on a casual stroll down the 'London Roads'

Subten seems to be releasing single after single - with "Vision", "Shellington Square", and "Look Over Here". From the 1st to the 3rd, these joints seemed like they were ramping up in excitement, tempo and energy. However, the Tottenham MC takes the vibe all the way back down to a mellow plateau with his most recent piece of content, "London Roads".

Featuring the soulful Nai-V, we hear both artists float across relaxing and airy productions of Blue CanariƱho. With melodies, sounds and textures that are suited more to weightless life in the clouds, Subten raps about about life, his musical career and the context of these most recent months - however, of course, he does this with crazy rhyming connections.

"I'm on a journey, learning, to keep the lights on and the fire burning. And the world keeps turning. I told them the price went up in person. My year looked like Sherman. Wrapped it up round like a turban. It's grime, it's urban. North London, I'm still disturbing."

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