Tre Mission returns once again with 2nd single, 'You Can Have'

It's always a good setting when the somewhat elusive Tre Mission drops music into our palms. Since quite a storm of noise from Bare Selection 001 and "Hockey", he now shows us the second single from his forthcoming album Orphan Black. Accompanied with visuals, this one's dubbed "You Can Have".

As "Hockey" also showcases, this second single takes Tre on yet another vibe, another feeling, nearly another genre altogether. This joint is much slower than the first, and much more vocally melodic - almost a painful lullaby. Visually, we see much more of the Canadian MC than we did in the first single's. Although still dark, it is clearer representation of what Tre is rapping about - his life and relationships; potentially the two's connection or balance.

You can view the visuals below, as the single is available across multiple platforms. Find Tre Mission on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.