Felix Dubs links J.Dot & Jay Eye on 'Belly', off new Moarrish EP

Producer Felix Dubs drops the first EP release from his very own label, Red Lagoon. This three-track EP, entitled Moarrish, combines all the innovative and hypnotic styles that Dubs conjures into "Moarrish"; "Belly"; and "Love There".

On "Belly", the Birmingham resident seeks lyrical assistance from two neighbouring city men. Nottingham's J.Dot and Jay Eye bring their own unique styles to this record, and elevate its narrative. J.Dot controls the beginning of this record as he raps: "Coming from the belly of the beast". He proceeds onto this song's main story line - painting pictures of his city's grimy streets, dark nights, sinister realities, and cruddy movements. Jay Eye steps into the mix with a dominant "Yo...". His voice and audible demeanour are instantly recognisable and unparalleled. Just as sinister as the track, Jay Eye continues with the same narrative in his calm but deadly, soft hiss.

This instrumental is the darkest of the three. Consisting of whiny, chilling synths; licking snares and ground-shaking kicks; estranged strings; and besieging bass. The 'wavemaker' puts a nice arrangement of style into this project as no two tracks are even remotely similar.

Check the entire EP below, and find Felix Dubs for more updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.