Finland's Confident returns to Plasma Abuse to release debut EP 'Hibernate'

Finnish producer, Confident, graces the musical realm with a tape consisting of three phenomenal instrumentals. This houses an atmosphere fused intensively of aged, nostalgic, grime thunder, and futuristic, synthesised lightning. Presenting, the Hibernate EP.

This is in fact his debut release with Glasgow imprint, Plasma Abuse, though the producer has previously featured on the label's first two Overdosed compilations.
Potentially taken from his own elusive nature, being completely remiss from social media, is the EP's title - as we almost imagine the beat-smith locking himself away to create these three pieces of art, before us hitting play.

The first to arise is the title track, "Hibernate" and its delayed flute stabs that seem to have been manipulated well to create this new, sharp sound. This is an airy and sleek instrumental. As the steady bassline backs the opposing high-end, a synth melody comes soaring by to develop even more excitement within the track.

The next to enter is "Black Rizla". If "Hibernate" was in the clouds, this resonates on a ground level. Beginning with a much more somber synth, it's quickly elevated by a fluttering lead which seems to dance above the track. Breakbeats reminiscent of old school jungle and punchy 808s from that of grime, make up this contamination of vintage vibes and innovative organised noise. The lead transforms into something more stable and breezy almost - offering even more elevation in the life of this track.

Finally we rest upon "Chameleons" which takes the vibe down even further, almost breaking through the Earth and entering the underground. We are initiated into this joint with a serious inception - one of tense arpeggios and powerful, yet minimal percussion. High-end filters, heavy reverb and anxiety building synths create a dark, mysterious but delightful ambience.

Confident describes his sound as “bittersweet”, citing the “melancholy” works of Burial and MssingNo among a myriad of influences on his work.

Keep up to date with more Plasma Abuse releases via their SoundCloud. Though, unless you're in Confident's WhatsApp or 'knock for me' circle, we'll have to sit and wait for the next time he decides to contact us musically.