Inside: General Courts offers up 'world-dominating' heaters on 'GCDUBZ:001'

Wig Power Foundation has spent the last few years really defining itself in grime's soundscape. Built on a core of Grandmixxer, JEB1 and General Courts with vocals supplied by PK and Mez, there is a distinct stripped-back sound providing a great platform for the young MCs to showcase their talent.

General Courts has been a large contributor to the beats behind YGG (of which PK is a member) on their upwards trajectory as already grime’s best active crew. His Flex FM shows are filled to the brim with Wig Power dubs every Saturday night, and he can be found regularly providing guest mixes to to biggest grime shows on radio.

GCDUBZ001 brings us a quick-fire two-tracker of instrumentals, which grime fans will find familiar. "ALIEN SKANK" is the beat to Saint P’s “Any Violations” from World Domination, YGG’s massive EP back in 2017. The signature stripped-back format can be heard immediately, with plenty of space around the kicks. This sound draws from grime’s early days; which makes sense, as Courts tells us: "My favourite grime instrumentalists are Geeneus/Wizbit, Jammer, Wiley, Dizzee [Rascal], DaVinChe, Skepta, and Youngstar." The track fills with strings and bass that follow the kicks with military precision, which are added and removed like an 8-bar assault.

"XTRA TERRESTRIAL" is the VIP to "ALIEN SKANK", giving an effective variation in melody. His production approach is driven very much by what’s going on in life: “When it comes to making tunes, I've got to really be in the mood or be influenced by something or someone. I'd say a majority of my best instrumentals have been made when I've been going through a particular emotion/mood and have been able to take that and translate it into a piece of music.

I don't have any particular format when making tunes. I might start a tune by patterning the kick drum first, sometimes a hi-hat, sometimes a string, or a bass  there's not really an order in which I make my music.” 

Both of these tracks are set to cause damage, and are available through Courts' Bandcamp. Find him on Twitter for more updates.