OG Rootz showcases versatility & genuine lyrics in 'Rebel In The City'

OG Rootz has blessed us with back to back releases. After the lively "Goofy", he now delivers a more chilled record with "Rebel In The City".

This one-take visual seems to be the luckiest instance of perfect scenery and sunny weather - as both are present and create for phenomenal shots. The AMS directed video shows Rootz speak his thoughts as he slowly steps through a bliss park. The instrumental brings heavy reggae influence as we hear pulsing bass, strummed guitars, off-beat drums and Jamaican samples.

Rootz speaks from the heart. It can be heard and felt through his raw, but appreciated vocals. This natural feel of his vocal mix puts us right there with him. Isolated from glitz and glamour or silky tuning, he presents his true, unedited self which simply elevates the track's meaning and purpose. Overall, it is a good message; knowledgeable, insightful and conscious of those living in London. The whole verse is genuinely excellent. And after Rootz' previous release, that was slightly more confrontational, this is yet another great showcasing of his versatility and raw musical talent.

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