Tantskii, Jafro & Splinta lock into JDZmedia's new 'Unclassified' freestyles

JDZmedia have formed a brand new freestyle output dubbed Unclassified. With 3 MCs so far, to grace the playlist, the channel has truly listened to the grime heads and showcases straight barrers, as we are introduced to performances from Tantskii, Jafro, and Splinta.

Tantskii initiates this fresh output of freestyles. And what an explosive start. The beat begins as cold as Abraham Lake, then is cracked apart by an influx of pounding subs and casual claps that rain down like sledge hammers. As this battering commences, the Birmingham MC turns on the gas and starts cooking below; increasing the heat with every bar.
Tantskii is always one to produce passion, feeling and emotion via the way he spits. Pouring out his experiences and knowledge through the use of his words, expressive movements, and the chilling stare in his eyes. He does not disappoint here, as he kicks off with: "Let me start with the beginning...". The 0121 artist lets us into his childhood, before touching on impactful moments in his life - witnessing domestic abuse; developing his writing; criminal activities and getting locked up; time going way too fast; depression; losing his son; and standing back on his feet. It's an emotional freestyle and one that Tantskii totally owns.

Second up to bat is Jafro. First to note is, the guy's bloody fresh - clean, round sunglasses; purple and back, paisley-esque (?) styled suit; cold chain; and a crisp trim. Anyone wearing shades indoors has a certain level of confidence that Bill from down the street just isn't going to be working with. Furthermore, he initiates his performance with singing! With Lord of the Mics prepping up, a co-sign from Chip the other day (lost in Twitter somewhere), and multiple duppy freestyles; the Leicester native is going from strength to strength which can be seen in his mentality as his controlled demeanor encompasses the screen.
Projecting an appealingly smooth, deep and at times slightly gruff vocal tone, the artist begins - "Oh won't you step into the mind of a dreamer. Cuz your boy got dreams. I'm just tryna go where the grass is greener. Or where there's grass and it's green."
With this good vocal performance completely, "Shango the Thunder God" then switches into MC mode and turns on a skippy flow to chat some boasy bars, saucey bars, indirects, and fixing the lyrical grime scene. All of which showcases his cleverness and talent.
"They came with 5-year-old lyrics. Like, not as in how old their bars were. But it's like they don't try when they're spitting." - Big
Overall, the singularity of Jafro's confidence in his own lyrics and skill creates for a phenomenal performance; this seems to translate within him as the bars are great and vocals well executed.

We finish here, with Splinta, and this one begins fiery. A production from Jamma Beats rattles out as the Nottingham artist gets comfortable and spews out a flurry of shout outs. The drill beat intensifies with seemingly distorted string-type VSTs. What follows is a single sub kick that rings out before Splinta takes that queue, as his time to battle.
As UK drill goes, this launch off is an atomic bomb; and was personally reloaded after the first 3 seconds of Splinta spitting. The MC completely strips drill-influenced flows and lyrics, recycles them as his own and lays waste to the remains - "Whack it. Tap it. Slap it. No. They ain't never done no damage."
The Notts native continues with an intense flow; wicked rhyming scheme; and direct, heavy, hard bars. This first performance, just under 2 minutes in length, is mad. Splinta truly demolishes the booth, and good luck to anyone trying to spit on this beat here after. As the dust settles on this savage calamity, Splinta steps in a second beat - a calmer riddim and a more focused lyrical output of his reality, dreams, and experiences.

Huge success with these Unclassified freestyle. Weekdays at 6pm. Sparx is up next.