Catch up on all the Lord of the Mics VIII Hype Sessions so far

The upcoming eighth edition of clashing series Lord of the Mics has had perhaps the brand's most unconventional roll-out yet. Most of the competitors were transparently decided through Twitter back in January, and we extensively covered these early developments and initial war dubs. Two months later – and after clashes were recorded in Jammer's infamous basement  we were invited to witness several clashes unfold live in the flesh at a private boat party on the Thames; you can find a full breakdown of its proceedings here. Since then, every Friday night for the last month has seen Sir Spyro premiere two new Hype Sessions on his 1Xtra show, followed by visuals on TRENCH two days later. Here's a breakdown of each war dub. The full Lord of the Mics VIII clashes are set to drop Friday 14 June alongside the "Allstar Riddim".

F.O.S - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (Reece West send)

Videographer: Bipolar Spider

A seasoned battle rapper and former opponent of Izzie Gibbs, Scunthorpe MC F.O.S taunted Yizzy and Ten Dixon alongside many others in his initial LOTM8 war dub, but has ended up pitted against Haringey's Reece West. On his Hype Session, he mostly opts for predictable and unsubstantiated claims about his opponent, calling him a nonce, a snitch, and a broke boy, and even dropping in some casual homophobia [as do others below, sadly] Рbut thankfully some bars hit closer to the mark. He calls West "nobody good, just Dixon's friend", dissects one of his best-known lyrics ("who the fuck is Ars̬ne Parson?"), and claims he's stolen flows from Skepta and Grim Sickers.

Reece West - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (F.O.S send)

Producer: Mystry

Videographer: Bipolar Spider

Over a tense, percussive instrumental from Birmingham beat-maker Mystry entitled "Helsing", West deploys his signature scattering flow, retaliating by telling his adversary "the only Freedom of Speech I rate is Ghetts's album", and claiming that he's "done more than this prick like five times over" and "I move grams, he's on 'Gram pouting" before going on to imply that his opponent's had a sheltered upbringing in Scunthorpe. This send feels as though West is holding back; we'll have to wait and see what else he's got in store for the rest of the clash.

T.Roadz - "Domino's Boy" (SBK diss)

Videographer: AshOnCam

13-year-old upstart T.Roadz has already exchanged one set of war dubs with SBK, who's four years his senior, and filmed his previous video in his opponent's hometown of Stevenage. The Birmingham barrer now goes for an imaginative new line of attack, claiming that his rival lives above a stinky, rat-infested Domino's pizzeria and even shooting an appropriately themed video.

SBK - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (T.Roadz reply)

Producer: Wiley

Videographer: Bipolar Spider

Directly responding to his opponent's dub, rising Stevenage lyricist SBK laces an obscure Wiley instrumental from the vaults, entitled "What a Cheek". In his fiery reply, he claims "my biggest fan? That's T.Roadz's mother", "Ash[OnCam] is injecting gas in your head" and "you should have clashed Litty Lightz" [a fourteen-year-old MC]. Fighting talk for what's shaping up to be a serious clash.

Logan - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (Armz send)

Producer: Logan

Videographer: TheOtherSide

First things first, Harlesden's Logan deserves major plaudits for being the only competitor to vocal a self-produced instrumental in his Hype Session. To top it off, the visuals were directed by TheOtherSide, a team of creatives to which the northwest Londoner himself belongs. After Acton MC GHSTLY XXVII ducked out of their scheduled clash shortly before its due date, Logan was matched up with East London's Armz and given just a week to write all his clash bars. Here, he deploys his signature patois-tinged tone and complex flows, claiming he'll "pop Armzout like cork on sherry". A valiant attempt, especially considering the criminally short notice the two MCs were given for this clash.

Armz - "F Logan" (Logan send)

Producer: A.T

Videographer: RichPower Films

Hackney barrer Armz delivers a catchy send for Logan, complete with cinematic visuals in which he kidnaps his opponent's lookalike. He gets in some digs at Logan's dress sense, sends shots at his associates JoSoSick and Funky Dee, and claims he'll "leave a Logan behind his dreads hiding". He says the name Logan precisely 26 times throughout the track.

Jay0117 - "Vajazzle" (Tommy B send)

Producer: Audio Slugs

Now facing Essex youngster Tommy B for the second time following their well-received clash at DJ Argue's Hell In A Cell 2, Bristol's grime poster boy Jay0117 has pulled out all the stops in the video for his Hype Session. A hilarious intro skit sees him step into the booth in the midst of Tommy B's Sounds of the Verse freestyle and knock out his adversary (spoiler alert: Tommy's stunt double appears to be none other than Sir Hiss making a cameo!) before launching a vicious attack claiming "you're not a shooter, fam, you're a plumber" and "it's a fact that we're both white / But the difference is that you look racist". He also sends shots at the rest of Tommy's crew, Payback; mocks his height; and claims that he owes his success to his label boss and mentor, grime veteran Sharky Major.

Tommy B - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (Jay0117 send)

Producer: Biggaman

Videographer: Bipolar Spider

In a witty send produced by fellow Major Muzik signee Biggaman, Maldon's Tommy B addresses his West Country opponent directly, claiming "you're only big in Bristol Motion" and "you keep screaming Bristol City but I know that you went to school in the posh bit". He then ridicules Jay for showing up to January's Grime Originals rave in London without taking a booking fee, and, on top of that, only managing to earn one reload from Oblig during the New Gen set. It's not all intellectual: he also calls Jay a "batty man" and makes up some blatant lies – but that aside, the multisyllabic rhymes on display here are some of the most intricate we've heard this year.

Funky Dee - "Known" (Mischief Artist send)

Producer: A2

Videographer: Bipolar Spider

Grime veteran Funky Dee has warred with countless MCs over the years including Milli Major, Rival, Grim Sickers, and Sox, who he's set to rematch later in the year. Mischief is significantly less well-known than the aforementioned artists, hence why the Lewisham MC didn't bother replying to his first three sends. On his new Hype Session "Known", he uses exactly this as his main line of attack, asking "how about a punch on your face so you can be known on the roads?" over a weighty A2 refix of Jme's classic "96 Bars of Revenge".

Mischief Artist - "LOTM8 Hype Session" (Funky Dee send)

Producer: Olja

Videographer: D'Lux Films

Not to be confused with the top R&G producer of the same name, Mischief was one of the first grime MCs to emerge out of Hertfordshire. His longstanding beef with Funky Dee has seen him release three sends in the last two years, as well as dropping plenty of indirects for his rival on radio. On this new send, produced by Olja (who also handled his new EP Grime Kid Vol. 1 in its entirety), he claims his opponent peaked with the funky house anthem "Are You Gonna Bang?" and hasn't achieved a lot since.

Check this article again for updates on the Ten Dixon vs. Tana, Rawza vs. Gen, Micofcourse vs. Yizzy and Jafro vs. Dialect dubs as they drop, and be sure to visit Once Upon A Grime from 14 June to see our breakdown of the full clashes.