Discarda finds a home for some of his most iconic lyrics in 'Waterboy'

Following the release of "Eski Kid" earlier this year, Discarda’s next single, "Waterboy" is more of the abrasive, punching delivery characteristic of the self-proclaimed Loose Cannon. Everyone knows that unmistakable signature bar: “It’s the waterboy / People see my babymum they’re like oi!” has been getting reloads for years.

But, far from a simple rehash of an old lyric, Discarda builds a track that demonstrates his ability to jump between flows and rhymes with ease. Over a heavy beat from JLSXND7RS and Ironsoul that has been getting plays in Logan Sama’s sets since last year, don’t doubt the impact of these tight 8s and 16s. A Lyrical Pot of Marmite is showing huge promise ahead of the album dropping in full, if both singles are anything to judge by.

Check out the video, directed by Bipolar Spider, on KeepinItGrimy now.

"Waterboy" is available to stream and download on 7th June.

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