Grime Gran revisits the past with Ghetts, D Double E & Giggs over a cuppa tea

Grime Gran: real name Margie Keefe and grandmother to Roony Keefe, a founder of Risky Roadz. Risky Roadz is a legendary grime series that has been documenting grime for over 15 years; helped shape the underground genre into what it is today; and partially exists because of Margie's decision to buy Roony his first camera.

In this series, she sits down and interviews MC's from the scene, holding a casual chat about their histories and reminiscing over old times, with hilarious moments sprinkled throughout.


Ghetts and Grime Gran take a look back over his classic Risky Roadz freestyle back in 2003. We also learn that Ghetts was originally offered the tune "Inna Di Ghetto", but he would ultimately turn it down and Wretch 32 would pick it up instead.

Ghetts also reveals that Grime Gran was his ghost writer all along, and the secret behind his success, who would've thought?

D Double E

Grime Gran discusses her love for D Double's ad-libs and reload bars, such as the classic "mree-mree", which she interprets as "it's me, me". They also talk about his teeth grills and the type of TV shows he watches.

It also turns out Grime Gran is a psychic gran, and they have a small session wherein she quizzes D Double on his desire to move to another home.


In this one, she sits down with UK Rap legend Giggs. By far the funniest interview of the three helped in part by Giggs infectious laugh, they touch on his recent trip to Dubai, his preferred superpower, love for fresh digestives, how much he likes star wars, and why he got into rapping.

They also briefly touch on Giggs nominations at the 2019 BET Awards, the winners of which are to be announced on June 23, 2019. This leads into a throwback discussion wherein they touch on the classic song "Last Straw", released in 2008 and filmed by Roony Keefe himself. The song was made, in part, after people at MTV and 1Xtra attempted to get him removed from the BET nominations.