K.I.M.E creates a vibe on 'Run It Up' visuals

Fresh out of Manchester, K.I.M.E has released the video for "Run It Up". It's sharp, cheeky, and brash, but still doesn't compromise on its intensity. Producer Raptor has cranked it up to 160 BPM, creating a driving but strangely soulful instrumental that K.I.M.E jumps on with ease and clarity.

The visuals, shot by Director T, of K.I.M.E dancing and delivering in a near empty makeshift studio are simple, but they’re perfect. You can’t help but jump on for the ride - bop you head, grin, and lean into the wave of beats and lyrics on offer. Home-grown, stripped-back grime is as alive and kicking as ever.

Watch "Run It Up" now below.

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