Premiere: Namaste pairs chiming bells with gliding basslines on the mesmeric 'Far Fetch'

Bristol-based label Italdred is soon to be releasing a new compilation, Inflorescence. Although there are stylistic themes that run across all eleven tracks, the range included remains diverse and challenging, pushing experimental sound forward with powerful results. 

From hazy and ethereal melodies to thick basslines, to nimble, bouncing 2-step rhythms, it all blends together into a stunning, genre-bending journey. Dipping into flavours of garage, UK funky, afrobeats, dub and grime (especially R&G), Inflorescence deviates from expectations to offer something vibrant and new, while still representing a vivid cross-section of underground UK music.

Listen closely to the project, and you’ll hear the unmistakable click originating from Wiley’s "Eskimo" that has since spread to become a signature in grime and beyond. In a contrasting track, longing vocals and light piano fuse with a classic sub-bass foundation in a song dripping with emotion, yet still heavy enough to fit into an eclectic dubstep set. Other offerings are higher paced, frantic but ear-catching, with chopped vocals and skipping movement perfect for dancing in the summer sun. At times, a grainy, lo-fi undercurrent from a warm vinyl crackle gives a deeper character and authenticity to the sounds of Inflorescence. It’s no wonder that, as well as a digital release, Inflorescence will be available on cassette. 

Ahead of the compilation dropping on 28 June, you can listen to "Far Fetched" by rising Bristol producer Namaste below. It's a high-energy mixture of dancing metallic chords, rolling bass, and a clean rhythm. The undeniable and aggressive drill-style bassline is offset by syrupy synth chords that deepen the build-up – only to drop hard with ringing chimes and sharp, snapping snares.

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