Sharon-Rose drops 'Shell Remixes' ft Cooly G, Triple C & SHEEZY

In December 2018, Sharon-Rose released the self-produced song "Shell" alongside MC's Karl Willz, Knuckz, Frankie StayWoke, Aaze, Doni Rampage, and Tomboysexy

The diverse posse cut is back again, to shell down over 3 distinctive remixes of the original song. The remixes were produced by Cooly G, Triple C, and SHEEZY respectively, and released on the Sharon-Rose Limited record label.

Cooly G strips back the instrumental, leaving room for the MC's to spit over; whereas Triple C adds a hard bass and some eskibeat flavour to the song; whilst SHEEZY ends the EP with rapid-fire claps.

Check it out on Spotify below!