Skinnytis & Apatchy104 represent German grime on 'Grime aus Berlin'

Artwork designed by Höecker143

Grime is a very underground affair in Germany, but it has been around since at least the late 2000s. MC's such as Dardan, Der-Con, Krickz, and Ruffian Rugged have all engaged with the genre before.

'Grime aus Berlin', in English "Grime from Berlin", is a fairly solid project by the Berlin-based collective Pleitegaia Crew, of which there are 4 members: Skinnytis, Leyze, Apatchy104, and RonnyAusmDritten.

Production is pretty important when you don't understand the language, and it definitely delivers here. Sprinkled throughout the mixtape are various samples from UK music. The title track "Grime aus Berlin" features a sample of Ms Dynamite from the song "What You Talking About?!" and a Devilman sample in the outro. "Is ja 'n Ding" samples Crazy T's classic "Singalong".

UK MC Eyez makes a surprise appearance on the ending track "F.W.T.G.I", giving a pretty solid end to the mixtape.

The project was mixed and mastered by Beezwax and released on the Upstruct record label. The tape is almost entirely self-produced by Skinnytis and Apatchy104 themselves, with the only exceptions being RonnyAusmDritten producing "Bong Fu" and Beezwax producing "Schweigen ist Gold".

If this interests you, we've linked the full mixtape below. You can also follow the collective on YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Facebook.