The New Wave Goes Veteran: Big Zuu and Capo Lee star in new video for ‘Carried Away’

The video for Capo Lee and Big Zuu’s latest track, “Carried Away”, is out now.

With a classic, stomping production courtesy of ZDot and Krunchie, this latest release shows a sense of humour alongside the expected relentless lyrical abilities. Capo and Zuu take on the guise of two grumpy old men, having their joints dashed by care workers in assisted living, terrorising the roads on mobility scooters, and mashing up a bingo night into an OAP rave.

As for the track itself: the delivery is razor sharp, the rhymes are non-stop, and the fast-paced verses effortlessly shift from one MC to the other across an anthemic chorus without missing a beat. The finished piece is spitting with that pent-up energy that forces you to reload, scrunch up your face and bounce along again to the flawless deliveries.

Watch ‘Carried Away’ now on GRM Daily.

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