Bruza calls in Ten Dixon and PK for 'Man or Mouse'

After a long hiatus, Grime veteran Bruza returned to the scene a few years ago, tearing up radio sets and shelling live shows too. His latest release features two new school MCs; Ten Dixon and YGG's PK, both of which have been making big moves for a while now. The track, released on SBTV's YouTube channel, is produced by another former Aftershock member and celebrated producer in Terror Danjah.

 On the track, Bruza, Greenwich's Ten Dixon and the Camden Lad PK take turns aiming shots at other MCs coming for them and reaffirming their status as some of the best at what they do, as Bruza boasts in the hook "I came around to spray around, lay you down and take your crown." There is no doubt that all three MCs can dominate a rave or set, but 'Man or Mouse' shows that Bruza, Ten Dixon and PK can combine to construct music with poise and craft while retaining their incredible energy. It's a must listen.

You can listen to the track below, and make sure to follow Bruza, Ten Dixon, PK and Terror Danjah