DJ Shokk brings grime to Norway with the nostalgic 'East Riddim' EP

This weekend, Oslo DJ/producer Shokk has dropped the East Riddim EP, a five-track instrumental project harking back to grime's eskibeat roots. This isn't the first time the genre has entered Norway; earlier this year, Hemmelig Sekt and Hanne Kolstø released a grime track entitled "Rømme Avsted" (translation: "Get Away").

In a 2009 interview with I LOVE GRIME, Shokk revealed that he got into grime via Dizzee Rascal's Showtime and Boy in da Corner albums. Since then, he's been regularly playing grime on radio and dropping instrumentals such as "Ming Riddim" and "Jewel Riddim".

 Throughout the new project, familiar sounds including nostalgic Triton plucks ("Run Up Riddim"), clank snares ("Jewel Riddim") and gliding synths ("Phone Up Riddim") all come into play, while "CQC Riddim" is a more skippy production with a punchy melody based around minor thirds.

For more, find DJ Shokk on Twitter and on his weekly Radio Nova show hosted every Friday. Stream the East Riddim EP on Spotify below.