Here's a timeline of every war dub released in connection with Lord of the Mics VIII

Photo: Jammer's basement by QUANN (@quann)

Since news emerged in mid-2018 that Jammer and Ratty's renowned clashing platform Lord of the Mics would be returning for its eighth and ninth editions, we've been extensively covering the drama as it unfolds. It might have been hard to keep up, so here's a one-stop shop where you can catch up on all 40+ dubs related to the new edition of Lord of the Mics. Those without links have been removed from the internet by the artists.

Pre-announcement (full article here)

Hype Sessions (full article here)


Lord of the Mics VIII, alongside the Skepta-produced all-star riddim, are due to be released imminently. We've heard two more war dubs that are due to be released in the near future, so keep an eye out here for new additions. If you're already all caught up, head here for a sneak peek at some of the MCs involved in 2020's Lord of the Mics IX.