Melvillous shouts out 'Tinchy Stryder' as he affirms his status as youngest in charge

Melvillous holds his chest high as he affirms his skill and statement of being the youngest in charge, as influenced by 'Tinchy Stryder'.

Providing a solid nod to one of Ruff Sqwad's top stars, Melvillous patterns this hard bodied track detailing his persistent nature of being a rider, current stature, plans and aims, and of course, the casual competitive lyric.
Mel comes straight in with a hard bar salute as he spits: "Top East London writer, born in the underground, I came right up. They're tryna say that my sqwad's too Ruff, but you can't name a Star in the Hood that's brighter." The growing rapper proceeds to reference further Stryder bars within his verses that stretch between a memorable chorus.

Komenz delivers the ground-shattering instrumental - topped to the brim with fluctuating subs, a string melody that seems to be flowing in reverse, and tight percussion to fill the gaps. The visuals, orchestrated by Risky Roadz and assisted by @shotbymusicald, present Mel riding comfy on a push bike; linking with producer Komenz; and standing tall at a graffiti covered skatepark.

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