Midlands link-up in 'Cold Mic Man' by Defiant & Rame

"I don't need Giggs when I say I'm on whippin' excursions."

Birmingham-based producer Defiant has continually been showing his mad production skills this year, with tunes like "Ronin", "Omen", and a sick instrumental project released on Bandcamp. This time he's linked up with Nottingham's very own MC Rame, producing the banger that is "Cold Mic Man".

Rame delivers strongly, all the while repping his hometown Nottingham, "Them man don't rep Nottingham just like us" and "Man said that I don't rep for the ends but, I shoutout Notts like I play for the Forest".

The song has been released by Southpoint, a Brighton-based record label founded by Jay McDougall (also known by his alias, KXVU) and Josh Gunston. For more, you can find Defiant on Twitter. Rame can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.