Nasty Jack is joined by high-profile guests on largely self-produced new EP ‘80Hz’

Demonstrating his mastery of the genre, Nasty Jack is at his best on his new EP '80Hz', moving across both MCing and producing on the four-track release. Huge MCs grace the features list, as the EP fuses together original and new wave grime leaders, with powerful results.

The EP opens with ‘See Red’, a sinister beat from Nasty Jack peppered with gunshots and fronted a heavy foundation of rolling bass. President T’s chorus is infectious, and Mez, Akesman and Nasty Jack bring aggressive lyrics with an unrelenting direct delivery.

‘HLC’, produced by Scholar, is more in line with what you might expected from Nasty Jack with a simple stripped-back bassline and the lo-fi, organic aesthetic of classic grime. At the other end of the spectrum of music included, ‘Sound Bwoy’, again produced by Nasty Jack but exclusively with vocals from Nottingham’s Snowy, shows another side to the West London creator’s sound. A thumping dub offering completed with echoing chord hits, the instrumental gives space for Snowy to show his bold wit and razor-sharp flow.

Finally, the lead single ‘TECK9INE2’ brings through some of the heaviest hitters in the scene, with Armour, Sharky Major, Hitman Hyper and Yhunga shelling down hard on the Shannon Parkes-produced riddim. Brittle flows chop through a beat full of a chaotic spread of sound effects that add motion and intensity. Armour’s verse is a standout, coming with his trademark deep vocals and repetition, taking a brief 16 in a short yet strong track littered with the best that these MCs have to offer.

Stream ‘80Hz’ below now.

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