Nico Lindsay and DJ Motu come together on 'Have To Know'

Nico Lindsay has long been one of the best lyricists in the scene. The North Londoner has previously worked alongside his cousin Trim, Capo Lee and The Last Skeptik, as well as trying his hand at production. In his newest release, however, he glides a beat from Bristolian DJ Motu, showing that he's here to stay at the forefront of grime.

It seems like Codename Lin has been around forever. The Finsbury Park native has honed his skills on radio sets for well over a decade now, whilst also boasting a large catalogue with plenty of sick tunes and features, exhibiting his almost conversational flow and endless metaphors. The combination of the bassy and experimental yet quintessentially grimy production from Motu with Nico Lindsay's cheeky and assertive bars make for a great track. Make sure to check it out below, and follow Nico Lindsay and DJ Motu on Twitter.