SBK takes aim at half the scene in new 'Warm Up' freestyle

For such a young MC, SBK feels like he has been around the grime scene for a while. The teenager, who first came to prominence on the now-defunct Radar Radio with support from DJ Argue, has never been the type to duck from war, as he shows his supporters in this new freestyle.

Despite having a lot of his career ahead of him, SBK has shown how undaunted he is when it comes to clashing. The Stevenage native has taken part in the recent Lord Of The Mics, clashing Birmingham's T.Roadz, as well as warring with Ten Dixon and others in the past. In this new freestyle, he glides on an icy JLSXND7RS production with jabs at Yizzy, Ten Dixon, T.Roadz, Mischief, Aaze, Hoodz, AshOnCam and Starzzy, showing that despite being young, he has an appetite for competition – clearly eager to prove his credentials as the best around. 

SBK has made a remix of the song using a different instrumental available to buy on Bandcamp, so make sure to check out his discography here to support one of the coldest youngers about, and for all updates stay connected with SBK on Twitter.