Bugzy Malone rides through Piccadilly for 'The North's Face' visuals

Bugzy Malone rides through London's Piccadilly in a phenomenal display of marketing and visual creativity for "The North's Face".

Perched on the roof of a white Mercedes AMG truck, Bugzy Malone, asserts dominance as he rides through London's high-fashion streets, performing this latest record. Produced by Swifta Beater, we receive familiar bounce; intense strings; and bass demanding command. Malone certifies the record with his unique persona and authoritarian manner. He hones in his flow well as it's deliver strong and clear; yet at times skippy, though not releasing the control.

"I don't make clothing for the mountains / I make my clothes for the estate / And watch when the trainers drop fuck's sake somebody better say grace / I made them triple black for the brothers that are ready to become self-made"

The freestyle and visuals seem to coincide with his B.Malone clothing line's partnership with JD Sports. He pushes the clothing link further due to the title's nice play on words - "the North's face". From a snippet at the end of the video, we see Malone talk on potential issues with big corporations and his acknowledgement to JD - see below.

"Man are sick of these big corporations, on some culture vulture shit. Think they can come into this fucking culture and use man, try and pay man pennies and all that; start payin' man right. Like it's not man that makes this thing in fashion in the first place. Trust me, it's a fucking B Malone thing. In JD, hang tight JD."

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