BWZ bursts out with lyrical finishers on 'Street Writer'

CrescoSMG's 'StreetWriter' freestyles are now infamous and a healthy platform for young grime artists to shell their best bars on. BWZ steps up to put on his gloves and go head-to-head against an epic Filthy Gears production.

Against the familiar bricked-style backdrop, BWZ makes his intentions clear as he mutters, "grime ain't dead, bruv". The young MC proceeds to present his lyrical skill whilst the camera swings to and fro. In an almost venomous tone, he spits - calm, quiet and calculated. His flow follows suit, as well placed pauses allow for his bars to fully hit. The LDN artist chats on clout chasing MCs, toting rentals; shelling the mic; burying MCs; the streets, the industry, and energy. And his lyrics by far deliver. Barely letting up off our throats, BWZ sprays like he needs it and has anything to prove - deadly, decisive and sharp.

Just take this snippet if you need more reason to check the freestyle out:
"Sit back better watch this. Click, clack yeah we got sticks. You on this, I'm on this. So what's this? Make him disappear quick like he was a one trick. Bar for bar, these don's won't last. About 16 bar, fuck a 16 bar, got 1000 bars for your clart, wah gwarn. I want the whole ting, not half."

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