Fiery Korean & UK grime link up in 'Cowboy UK Remix'

South Korea continues to release the odd grime song here and there, with some unexpected but welcome international collaborations with British MC's.

"Cowboy UK Remix" is a song by Boi B (보이비), featuring Korean MC's Geegooin (지구인) and Damndef, alongside British MC's Jammz and Manga Saint Hilare, backed by production from Korean producer ASSBRASS. The song is a remix of another Korean grime track, "Cowboy", that was released back in march by Siga A (이진우) and Boi B. The songs were made for Korea's High School Rapper competition, wherein artists are judged based on their performance live on TV in a similar fashion to how artists on X Factor are judged.

This isn't Jammz' or Manga's first foray into the Korean grime scene; Jammz and Manga also featured on the Rhythm & Grime track "Distant Dreams" by Damndef. Likewise, both Boi B and Geegooin have made grime before as members of the Korean rap group Rhythm Power (리듬파워), most notably their song "Bangsaneung".

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Check out the two songs below!