Jaykae heads to Zante in scorching visuals for 'Chat'

Jaykae lives it up in scorching visuals for 'Chat' - club shows; boat parties; quad bikes; drinks, laughs and women in the sunny destination of Zante.

We are introduced with the director stating that Jaykae wanted to shoot music video in Zante, Greece; what follows are its results. Launching into it with a drone shot of the infamous Navagio (Shipwreck) beach, radiant photography fuses perfectly with the beats upbeat and blazing vibe. Local steps up for his chorus; taking us back and chatting on detailed moments of British culture. He proceeds with the record's narrative - "I got galdem chat, mandem chat, champagne chat, tracksuit chat, Gucci chat, badboy chat...".

Jaykae continues the nostalgic vibe as he presents a skippy flow and similar reminiscent bars. Potentially the best bar being, "I love chilling with people that don't smoke weed. 'Cuz then I've got more of it." - simple, yet oh so effective. The instrumental seems to be drenched in the same glimmering rays as the visuals. Showcasing a heavy garage influence, the riddim holds deep bass, bright keys, shimmering transitions and soft, soulful piano breakdowns.

Directed by Neron Power, these visuals display a combination of bright, sunlit shots, and dynamic, grainy edits. We are planted right in the mix of this whirlwind of a Summer vacation as Jaykae and Local take us to chill at their villa; speed quad bikes through the streets; set boat parties alight; and shut club shows down.

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