Milli Major pays tribute to the fallen and condemns the 'Tapped' on new single

Milli Major's work rate has been pushed to the max as of late, as he refuses to stop, even after dropping compilation album Now And Then last year. He has delivered in 2019 with "Rated Award"; "Boom Bam" and "Ooo Na Na" with Tempa T; and even gloriously patterned a legendary Bloodline linkup on "Hooligans" with Prez, Pablo and H. After the upbeat, summer vibe of "Ooo Na Na", he returns as though he's delivering the winter chill early, with this dark single and music video entitled "Tapped".

Hooded up and stern-faced, we see the Bloodline solider depicted in Zach Grav's shadowy, black-and-white cinematography. Shot at night in a car park and a subway, this gives us eeriness to indulge in as we prepare for Milli's equally dark bars.

We are initiated into Major's one, long, meaningful verse with: "They say you don't know what you've got til it's gone, let me tell you right now that's a fact. I can still hear big bro's voice in my head, and it hurts 'cause I won't get him back." He closes the song with the lines: "Mum just text me saying she's proud that my new song just got played. As a young, black man, I just heard my son on Radio 1 in the day, mad."

The contrast of these bars is bittersweet. And between the two emotional thoughts, he touches on other significant topics, with a steady undercurrent of why you shouldn't play with him. The production floats, orchestrated by echoed choir howls; mellow bass; and a snare's sharp crack. The visuals conclude with a tribute to the late Niall Hall; aged just 31 - potentially the aforementioned 'big bro' who inspired the track.

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