Realz and Star.One link up for an electric, garage-inspired banger 'Everything's Live'

Realz and Star.One link up to deliver the lively and electric "Everything's Live".

Super-producing duo Star.One pattern this upbeat, vibrant, garage-esque record. With warm, pulsating bass; nostalgic and influential vocal samples; steady claps; and rattling cymbals, this record provides a vibe that not only would sound well-placed in the early 2000s, but also bangs today.

Realz brings today's tonality to the track as he uses his quick bars and vigorous flows to amp up the sanguine atmosphere. Shouting out past, young, legendary MCs including Chip, Griminal and Ice Kid amongst other memories of grime's history, he mentions the contrast of grime, past and present; fake badboys; and remaining "live on the set".

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