W.A.V.E Gang reunite for flamenco-infused single 'The Streets Are On Fire'

Almost three years after the release of debut single "Vital Elements", South East London grime collective W.A.V.E have returned with their second collaborative offering, "The Streets Are On Fire".

Lacing a Shannon Parkes and DaVe co-production centred around an intricate, vibrato-tinged guitar riff, five of the collective's members take turns to touch mic. In chronological order: Ten Dixon, Shannon Parkes, Snoopa, Rhimez and Charlie Trees each spray a verse, with Dixon at the helm for a woozy and melodic chorus. The hazy music video was executed by frequent collaborators SP Studios.

Watch the video for "The Streets Are On Fire" below, and find W.A.V.E on Twitter for more updates.