American producer ONHELL recruits Trim for 'Graveyard Shift'

Please suck your mum through a straw / When they hear man supping, they think I'm the shit, but guess what you stood in?

Trim (aka Taliban Trim, Trimski, Trimcheroo, Optrimus Grime, among others...), the ever elusive MC, has linked up with American producer ONHELL in "Graveyard Shift". The song is ONHELL's first single off his upcoming EP. Trim also recently announced a new single from his forthcoming album 'Crisis' titled "Love Me", although the date of release has yet to be determined.

The track is a welcome addition to the line of Trim-features alongside outlier grime producers, but more often than not it is an endeavour that lends well to his style, as seen here in "Graveyard Shift".

For more, ONHELL and Trim can both be found on Twitter. Check out the trippy video below!