Big Zuu & Capo Lee spark lyrics off like lightening in 'Slime Freestyle'

In a whirlwind of flows, Capo Lee and Big Zuu connect North and West London on the stormy "Slime Freestyle".

Produced by MK the Plug, the beat creates a solemn, chilly river in which both artist can sail across. A mysterious melody, that sounds like soft, effected brass in reverse, controls the mix; delicate piano keys trickle down like droplets; whilst a heavy 808 and assertive percussion align these musical currents forward.

With the laid-back feel to the instrumental, Capo and Zuu are able to step in and dominate the record with a dangerous back-to-back freestyle. However, they do not take the same approach as the beat. Whilst implementing the record's stormy, sinister rumble of an atmosphere into their vocals, they transform it into lightening - lashing out with quick, harsh and venomous tones. Capo comes in from the jump with his intentions clear: "Let me fuck this beat up...". What proceeds is a fiery back and forth between the two well-established MCs.

The video, directed by LAH Media, drops 7pm tonight (Sept 20th) - from the Instagram clips, it looks cold (Capo's and Zuu's).
*Updated: Music video can be found here.

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