Eyez and Zdot join forces with a slew of Aussie MCs for the 'Grime Down Under' EP

The Australian grime scene has been one of the strongest outside the UK for the past few years, with artists such as Chillinit, Mitchos Da Menace and Wombat all consistently releasing music. Derby lyricist Eyez has been a keen observer of this fast-rising movement, and teamed up with Chillinit earlier this year to facilitate an all-star sixteen bar rally tune entitled "UK Presents". They followed this up last week with "That's What I Bring", featuring Wombat.

 Eyez took to Instagram this week to announce that he has more international collaborations in store for us – he and producer Zdot have teamed up for the Grime Down Under EP, featuring eight Aussie MCs.

The EP track listing is as follows:
1. "That's What I Bring" (featuring Wombat & Chillinit)
2. "Other Side" (featuring Alex Jones & Fraksha)
3. "Mention My Name" (featuring Kamakaze & Nerve)
4. "Oz" (featuring Rops1)
5. "Grind Down Under" (featuring Hazrd & Shadow)

As of yet, the release date is unknown. Find Eyez on Instagram and Twitter and Zdot on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.