Mez addresses artist comparisons in 'Mr Dash Freestyle'

As a guy steering his own style, in his own lane, Mez is progressing to be a formidable MC in the grime scene. From the flows, hard bars and distinct voice, there seems to be few releases from him that aren't certified bangers. And this latest freestyle dubbed "Mr Dash" is no different.

Produced by Diamondz, the instrumental lays a heavy bass'ed structure, as cold, high-pitched droplets ring out portraying the melody. The Nottingham MC brings his unique energy to the mix as he compares himself to those he isn't feeling; past similarities to D Double E, but now others copying him; and other past to present contrasts. Though the content is nothing new from grime, Mez adapts it to his life and personality which in turn, almost presents a new and fresh way of hearing such lyrics. Futhermore, Mez has a persona about him that draws the listener in. His choppy delivery and consistently passionate performances, make it almost impossible to not listen to his tracks in their entirety - truly a captivating artist. 

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