W.A.V.E Gang experiment with live instruments on the melodic 'DJ Jack'

Following on from the August releases of their hazy, riff-led single "The Streets Are On Fire" and its skippy follow-up "Heights", grime supergroup W.A.V.E have returned with "DJ Jack". The track seemingly serves as the third offering from the South East London crew's forthcoming collaborative project, which has been previously mentioned by Ten Dixon under the working title The WaveTape.

"DJ Jack" finds Dixon, the collective's de facto frontman, leading the way with a sung chorus about moving forward in the music industry, while colleagues Shannon Parkes (AKA EssKayy), Snoopa, Rhimez and Charlie Trees each take a verse to talk about their self-made status in the scene. Weighing in at just 130 beats per minute, it's much slower than your traditional grime song, pushing the genre to its limits and letting the entrancing groove of the guitars lead the way.

The accompanying visuals, filmed by Say Nothing Designs, find the group performing an animated rendition of the song at Pirate Studios. Guitarist DaVe, who co-produced the song alongside Parkes, is visible in the background – as is Jon E Clayface, a longtime affiliate of the crew, who this time takes to the drums rather than the mic.

Watch the video for "DJ Jack" below, and find W.A.V.E on Twitter for more updates.