1Forty begins a new release cycle with grime-focused 1FGRM004

1Forty, the Leeds label fast emerging as an independent leader of the UK scene, has begun another release cycle. For this edition, they are dropping 1FGRM004, their grime-focused EP for the year. The four-track collection is a new high following the huge success of their last offering, “Dance Dun”, which lit up so many sets across the end of the summer.

For 1FGRM004, 1Forty mainstay Killa P returns with a double; once as a feature on Dizzle Kid’s “How Many Times”, and once on a vocal solo. On “How Many Times”, Dizzle and Killa ride a beat courtesy label newcomer NothingNice. Moving out of Bristol, the influences on NothingNice are clear to hear, with a roaring Trends & Boylan-esque sub-bass that matches Dizzle Kid’s abrasive, aggressive delivery.

For his other appearance on top of a stellar Fork and Knife production, Killa P brings his trademark militant energy, combined with a relaxed confidence in his pedigree and ability. The result is the powerful “They Don’t Know”, a sharp track of a marching beat and high-impact slaps of heaviness.

As expected from 1Forty, the EP features a healthy balance of vocal mixes and straight production. Fork and Knife also teamed up with 9TRANE, an original member of the 1Forty crew, to contribute “Check It”. Leaning on hints of dubstep, wave and even bassline influences, the producers mould a blistering three-minute cut, completed with switching rhythms that carry the sweeping, FX-laden lead.

Finally, Hayz comes through hard on his bouncing instrumental “Hightop”. This one is classic 140bpm at its best - clean cut simplicity done to perfection. Scattered percussion and a plucking looped melody quickly give way to a layered, liquid foundation that leaves space for only a stripped-back kick, snare and hi-hat pattern.

Stream 1FGRM004 on Spotify now below.

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