Asher D certifies ‘Top Boy’ status with D Double E, Big Tobz & P Money

It’s safe to say that the revival of Top Boy was phenomenal, well executed and an incredible achievement for all involved. Lead act, Asher D, located some of the scenes hardest and most legendary barrers for an all round anthem. The "Top Boy" single and visuals are here - time to step back into Summerhouse.

A record titled as such has big boots to fill after everyone gripped their seats throughout an intense third season. The promise of features from D Double E, Big Tobz and P Money over a Swifta Beater production certainly puts the track in a great place before even pressing play. As we do so, we are initiated into a chilling environment created by the almost scraping string sample. Asher D first sets pace with his gruff tone and spacey flow. He uses the show as a narrative, whilst twisting around metaphors and bold MC bars. As we move into the chorus, Asher uses the same spacey flow, though he adds a slight skip here and there:

"They say I take all the food, that's why I'm at the top boy / Climbing that mountain too, call me when you get to the top boy / Show and prove, everybody's gassed over top boy / And they will climb over you, just so they can get to the top boy"

"Oh my gosh"... and we are faced with a Newham General. Double lays down his infamous output, so recognisable that even your Nan would know it. His infectious tonality stands strong and prominent above the low-end of the beat. Double unleashes a flurry of adlibs that convey as much action as the series. Here, he focuses on life as a dealer - depicting the tension, roads, soldiers, cats, dos and don'ts, potential results - and even shouting out Nines in a "trapper of the year" reference.

Big Tobz follows, bringing his weighty voice, dominating presence and dynamic substance. Shattering into his verse with a quick and seemingly endless flow with punchy syllable accents, he spits from a grown attitude on certain antics and fakes: "Feeling right when I'm wrong / Still I'm righting my wrongs / Putting right in my songs / It ain't nice where I'm from...". Slaying an effortless (for him) but complex flow, he switches it up halfway through for a powerful attention-grabbing performance.

Finally, we hear from P Money, who puts the game into perspective: "So you wanna be a top boy / well first off gotta run your own block boy". Spitting a slicing flow and tone, he reveals the sudden run ups that occur in an environment with a lack of rules and an constantly threatening atmosphere.

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