Byron & Esskay light a fire with the rock-vibed 'Bars On Mic'

Coming together to concoct this electric storm of dark energy, rock-esque timbres and cold-hearted passion, is Byron and Esskay with "Bars On Mic".

Both certified lyricist in their fields, the pair are a perfect match of unique delivery, raw energy and heart, and chilly emotion. The electricity is formed from the jump, as electric guitars rain down onto the mix; producing the isolated melody. The Tru Omega production increases tension slowly, as kicks enters, followed later by further percussion - all the while adding, one by one, the sharp elements to this storm of sound.

As the kicks takes shape, so do the artists; with Byron first taking the reins of control. Stepping straight in with hard bars that complement the emotion already generated by this beat:
"Dragged out through the dirt, and came out smelling of roses / If a man thinks he's deep, then please tell him I'm Moses"
After a chorus that will put chills on your neck from powerful synths, painfully appealing melodies and a dark vocal delivery; Hertfordshire spitter, Esskay grips the mic to lays his bars. His now familiar style is instantly recognisable, as he seems to surge with lyrics - toppling over, one after the other, all the whilst retaining clarity and a steady flow.

The pair lick out an abundance of metaphors, picture-painting lyrics and explain their 'beast within' - this is most notable about these two; artists with a level of wordplay and creativity that truly drench their music with a certain type of artistry.

Find Byron on Twitter, and Instagram for more updates; Esskay on Twitter, and Instagram.