Sir Hiss drops two coveted beats on label vinyl debut 'Mr Sandman / Tehran Gunshots'

It’s been an outstanding 3 years for Sir Hiss. Since his semi-final defeat in Beat Boss 5 to Fallow, the Bristol heavyweight is able to brag a CV of releases on White Peach and ital dread, as well as full producer credits for Manga’s Outsiders Live Forever project. Hiss- debuting his own label No More Mailouts, brings us 2 heavily anticipated tracks that have been echoing around radio for what seems like years.

Tehran Gunshots
is a classic Hiss tune, his instrumentation and use of eastern sounds is synonymous of his 2018 Saracen EP; but in this instance the sound is elevated, precise & impact-full. Although his themes are usually heavier and moodier, the melody completely takes over on this one, only requiring a peppering of expertly placed drums.

Mr Sandman is a real look into Sir Hiss's talent in sampling. we've heard many examples of sampling in previous tracks, mostly vocal cuts, but this is a masterclass in refixing. this dream sequence gives off an R&G feel, but exudes class on a very unique take on a classic.

The digital copies are up for grabs on No More Mailouts' Bandcamp, and are a must have on any USB.