Byron & Esskay craft captivating visuals for DNA, from Artform EP

Following the release of their joint Artform EP on Nov 15th, Byron and Esskay craft captivating visuals for “DNA”.

The pair stick to the darkness. We first received a smoky and tense, Save Me some 2 years ago on GRM Daily. Next, to come more recently, was the sonic electricity and visual shadows of Bars On Mic via JDZmedia. And lastly, we have “DNA” – which leaves “Like This” remaining from the EP.

This latest music video may be the most intriguing of the lot. Directed by Bipolar Spider, who has captured the likes of Discarda, Mez and Riko Dan, builds elements of duality, symmetry, separation, and a sense of morphing together. The rappers spit in pitch black, under a single beam of light, as the camera angles twist and turn. This gives a cold sense of remoteness and solitude – almost singling these persons out and analysing their spoken truths. Amongst these shots are the dark glistening’s of deformed shapes. It’s a great visualisation of an inner distortion; in the mind or in the body. A raw part of this pair’s “DNA”.

Esskay and Byron rap with clarity, intellect and purpose – like is often with their records. They offer rhymes on their lyrical gift and talent; their “DNA”. Byron offers his verse first. Touching on his heritage, tribulations, ancestry connections and questioning what choices we really have. Esskay follows with a vicious tongue – not in malice, but with splicing rhymes that conjoin excellently. He delves into his inner make up; cells, bones and blood. Before launching into this world’s (at times) cold reality, the music struggles and his placement in both. Produced by Tru Omega, who in fact produced the entirety of this EP, the instrumental creates a platform of thick bass and echoing percussion. One that provides as much tension and purpose as both artist’s lyrics.

Artwork EP

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