Capo Lee advocates his time in the game with 'Way Too Long'

On the first single from his new mixtape Heart of a Champ, Capo Lee takes this opportunity to proclaim his time and effort in the game with "Way Too Long".

The record alone merges some great minds together; production from Lewi B, mixed by Sir Spyro, and mastered by Joker. As soon as the verse shoots forward, we are introduced to Capo’s agile but solid and mean flow – with a flexibility from his fast-tongued wordplay, yet combined with a strong stature from his controlling vocal tone. From here on out, the North London MC provides reasons for his acclamation of his time, effort and grind within music; details on his past trials and tribulations; and questions “where all the hater’s gone?”.

The visuals, directed by Will Ainsworth, push this production ahead of just another grime record - with a professional look, an intriguing location, sleek and clean shots, and attention-keeping story arc. At first we see Capo handcuffed to a shipping container, before being brought into an interrogation room. We witness him holding a conversation with himself; as the interrogator and as the captor. After this back and forth, the ‘captor’ Capo raises alarms as he moves on the offense towards certain onlookers.

Watch "Way Too Long" below now. Heart of a Champ is out 22nd November.

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